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Are You Drowning in Email?

10 September 2013

Allison read Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (again) and committed to finally trying to follow one of David Allen’s rules for the next month to see if she can do a better job of managing her emails.



Messiness vs. Cleanliness

17 September 2013

Allison read It’s Not 'Mess.' It’s Creativity. by Kathleen D. Vohs in The New York Times and pondered her current messiness versus cleanliness conundrum.



Are You Practicing Good Sleep Hygiene?

24 September 2013

Allison read Sleep Hygiene Tips on the American Sleep Association web site in an effort to support several clients who know being rested improves their performance, but are struggling to get a good night’s sleep.



Are You Practicing Good Emotional Hygiene?

1 October 2013

Allison read the Dalai Lama’s post on Facebook today about emotional hygiene and thought about all the ways she tries to help herself choose to feel better when times are tough.



The Third Metric

15 October 2013

Allison read stories about The Third Metric on The Huffington Post website and celebrated yet another powerful resource for helping people to choose balance and leadership.



Sleep Your Brain Clean

22 October 2013

Allison watched a five-minute Fox News segment with Charlottesville neurologist and sleep specialist, Dr. William (Chris) Winter, and learned about another good medical reason to make sleep a priority.



Be Like Pearl Jam and Just Breathe

29 October 2013

Allison listened to Just Breathe by Pearl Jam and was grateful once again for how music can help her to settle down and feel better.



Workplace Wellness Wisdom

19 November 2013

Allison asked her colleagues in the Richmond Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to share their favorite workplace wellness tips and was delighted to read a lot of creative ideas to help employers support their employees on the road to wellness.



Mindfulness for Your Children or Your Inner Child

24 December 2013

Allison read Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents) by Eline Sline and was so glad to learn about a mindfulness book and audio exercises for the child in all of us.



The Secret to New Year’s Resolution Success

31 December 2013

Allison read The Most Important Thing You Can Do In The New Year To Lose Weight, Get Sharper And Live Longer on The Huffington Post this morning and was happy to see another story dedicated to the secret ingredient for success in all aspects of our lives.



Resolve to Be Happier

7 January 2014

Allison read 7 Small Resolutions for a Big Happiness Boost in 2014 by Dr. Emma M. Seppälä on the Psychology Today blog and was glad to see some of the best happiness research compiled in one short post.




21 January 2014

Allison read her 10-year old nephew's poem, Running!, and asked herself  some important questions every grown-up should consider.



How Do You Define Balance?

28 January 2014

Allison read a list of different ways to define balance generated by a group of course participants and appreciated people’s ability to articulate what satisfies them.



Embracing Vulnerability and Giving Up Shame is Important (and Difficult)

4 February 2014

Allison watched Brené Brown’s 2012 TED Talk, Listening to shame, and was grateful for another dose of Brown’s humor and courage.



“Dirty Barbie” and Other Lessons in Vulnerability

11 February 2014

Allison watched Denise Laughlin Stewart's 2013 TEDx Charlottesville Talk and started counting down the days until her next chance to see Dirty Barbie and Other Girlhood Tales the weekend of 21 February 2014 at Four County Players in Barboursville, VA.



How Do You Manage the Monster Inside?

25 February 2014

Allison read The Best Way to Defuse Your Stress by Peter Bregman on the HBR Blog Network and pondered the importance of the mind-body connection (including her childhood strategy of beating on the bed with a plastic bat).



How Do You Talk About Who’s Fat?

4 March 2014

Allison read Miller Murray Susen's blog post, Who's Fat?, and admired one Mama's attempt to navigate the complicated topic of talking with her kids (and herself) about weight and health.



Please Take Your Vacation!

8 April 2014

Allison read the Glassdoor Q1 2014 Employment Confidence Survey and was disappointed (but not surprised) to learn that 51% of Americans aren’t using their vacation time.



Can a 10-Minute Meditation Change Your Life Forever?

15 April 2014

Allison listened to the 10-minute guided meditation session Dr. Deepak Chopra led from the steps of the University of Virginia Rotunda on 15 October 2013. Six months later this experience is still making a meaningful impact on how Allison approaches meditation.



Monkey Mind and Meditation

6 May 2014

Allison finished her three-week Dr. Deepak Chopra meditation experiment and found herself pondering (and hoping to cure) the monkey mind phenomenon.



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