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A Better Way to Start Your Day

23 October 2012

Allison read Chapter 1: Write What You Know from Turn Your Face: How to Be Heard and Get What You Want Most of the Time by Barbara Linney so she could continue to make progress toward her goal of “recombobulation.”



Give Up Your Fear of Failure and Find Faith in Yourself

27 November 2012

Allison read The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America by David Whyte and was reminded to worry a little less about failure and to believe in herself a little more.



Set Yourself Up for Success from the Start

4 December 2012

Allison read Promiscuous Fitness from the November 2012 O, The Oprah Magazine and enjoyed a good chuckle and a great reminder about how to make difficult changes just a little easier.



Find the Quiet

18 December 2012

Allison read Tim Kreider’s The Quiet Ones from the 18 November 2012 issue of The New York Times and paused to honor the Amtrak Quiet Car and the importance of embracing silence.



A Year in Review

30 December 2012

Rachel surveyed the stack of books remaining in her 'must review now' pile and reflected on some of the big ideas that shaped her thinking in 2012.



The Mind-Body Connection

8 January 2013

Allison read Think yourself well from the December 8th 2012 issue of The Economist and was glad to learn about compelling research on the connection between positive emotions and healthier bodies as well as actions you can take to increase your vagal tone (turns out we need more than just muscle tone).



Practice Mindfulness Like Sherlock Holmes

5 February 2013

Allison read The Power of Concentration from the 15 December 2012 issue of The New York Times and appreciated Maria Konnokova’s summary of the many benefits of mindfulness including a better way to get stuff done like Sherlock Holmes. (By starting with just six minutes of mindfulness, Allison got this week's blog post written faster than usual, too.)



Take More Breaks and Get More Done

19 February 2013

Allison read Relax! You’ll Be More Productive and was glad to see Tony Schwartz practicing what he preaches and reaping the rewards. (Maybe you should consider working less so you can get more done, too.)



The Restorative Power of Television

26 February 2013

Allison enjoyed a peaceful three-day staycation catching up on some of her favorite television shows and reading lots of fiction. (Turns out the restorative nature of these kinds of activities even made The New York Times last month.)



Balance Defined

5 March 2013

Allison read Balance? Don’t Believe the Hype by Cliff Oxford when several people sent it to her last week and found herself pondering what the word balance means to different people and why that definition matters.



Find Comfort and a Fresh Perspective in Poetry

19 March 2013

Allison read a draft of Border Ways by her brother, Reverend George Linney, and once again found just what she needed during a difficult time in the pages of a beautiful collection of poems.



Embrace the New Plan

26 March 2013

Allison read Martha Beck’s blog post, Have A Plan — And Be Willing To Change It, and appreciated this simple, yet powerful, reminder about how to respond when things just don’t go according to plan.



Baseball is Back and Anything is Possible

2 April 2013

Allison celebrated the return of Major League Baseball yesterday and enjoyed reading many Facebook posts, Tweets and articles about Opening Day. (It’s clear that fans everywhere feel optimistic and believe absolutely anything is possible.)



The Power of Saying No

16 April 2013

Allison read one of her favorite Mary Oliver poems, The Journey, and remembered how important it is to sometimes say, “No.”



It’s Important to Ask for Help

7 May 2013

Allison read an excerpt from David Whyte’s Readers' Circle Essay, "Help," and appreciated the reminder that sometimes it’s important to ask for the generosity you need.



Stop, Drop, and Recombobulate

25 June 2013

Allison read the “Recombobulation Area” sign at the General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, WI, and appreciated a good laugh as well as an important reminder for people trying to choose balance and leadership.



Pets Help Us Be Present

2 July 2013

Allison read Guardians of Being and celebrated the anniversary of meeting her fabulous dog, Joey, 13 years ago today.



Solace in a River of Silence

9 July 2013

Allison read an excerpt from David Whyte’s River Flow: New and Selected Poems and remembered there can be solace in the silence.




23 July 2013

Allison read Brené Brown’s Facebook post yesterday and appreciated the acknowledgment that wholeheartedness requires a whole lot of courage.



Only You Can Prevent “Vacation Sabotage”

20 August 2013

In preparation for her upcoming vacation, Allison re-read Matt Ritchel’s article, Vacation Sabotage: Don’t Let It Happen to You!



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