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What We're Reading Now

Peek-a-boo Matters

2 July 2024

Barbara watched seven-year-old Molly Wright’s TED Talk, How every child can thrive by five, and was impressed with her skill and passion at delivering information about important brain research.



Practicing Hard Empathy

18 June 2024

Janie revisited Imaginable: How to see the future coming and feel ready for anything—even things that seem impossible today by Jane McGonigal and was captivated by the concept of hard empathy.



Baseball Zen

 4 June 2024

Allison watched a lot of MLB.TV Baseball Zen clips and was grateful for another way to settle her mind when negative or anxious thoughts take hold.



More Good Words

21 May 2024

Rachel read The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig and savored all sorts of new ways to describe many universal yet difficult-to-describe sensations.



More Talking Less Typing With Our Devices

7 May 2024

Barbara listened to Tobias Dengel at the Virginia Festival of the Book, read his book, The Sound of the Future, afterwards, and learned that instead of just staring at our screens, we’ll be talking to them more.



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