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What We're Reading Now

Leadership Behaviors

27 September 2022

Janie reflected on what she learned during a recent keynote session with Dr. Mo Gaffney at the Charlottesville SHRM Conference. 



An Antidote to Burnout

13 September 2022

Rachel read Laura Vanderkam's opinion piece, "There's a Better Way to Reclaim Your Time than 'Quiet Quitting'," and was buoyed by a counter-intuitive observation about restoring energy.



What Does Your Journey Require?

30 August 2022

Allison woke up thinking about one of her favorite poems by Mary Oliver and pondered what she could learn from The Journey today.  



Are You Bored? It Might Be a Good Thing.

16 August 2022

Barbara read How to be Creative by Matt Richtel and was reminded that tolerance for boredom allows new ideas to occur. She’s learning to endure some boredom while also creating enough structure and connection in her life to feel satisfied.



Navigating Our Current Reality

2 August 2022

Janie considered how to best navigate the current reality of the pandemic and was pleased to find help from two very different places.



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