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13 April 2011

Allison watched Brené Brown’s TED Talk after a client suggested that “The Power of Vulnerability” might provide good insights for our professional coaching work.



26 May 2011

Allison watched the last Oprah show and reflected on 25 years of good life lessons and the things she’ll always remember from Oprah’s final love letter to her viewers.



Sleep Your Brain Clean

22 October 2013

Allison watched a five-minute Fox News segment with Charlottesville neurologist and sleep specialist, Dr. William (Chris) Winter, and learned about another good medical reason to make sleep a priority.



“His Day is Done” (But Ours is Not)

10 December 2013

Allison watched and read His Day is Done – a tribute poem for Nelson Mandela by Dr. Maya Angelou and struggled to find some way to pay tribute to a hero.



Embracing Vulnerability and Giving Up Shame is Important (and Difficult)

4 February 2014

Allison watched Brené Brown’s 2012 TED Talk, Listening to shame, and was grateful for another dose of Brown’s humor and courage.



“Dirty Barbie” and Other Lessons in Vulnerability

11 February 2014

Allison watched Denise Laughlin Stewart's 2013 TEDx Charlottesville Talk and started counting down the days until her next chance to see Dirty Barbie and Other Girlhood Tales the weekend of 21 February 2014 at Four County Players in Barboursville, VA.



Simple Pleasures and Gratitude

11 March 2014

Allison watched Rachel teach Happiness Matters at Charlottesville SHRM this afternoon and appreciated the reminder that often happiness is about the little things that make a big difference.



Design Thinking in 13 Minutes or Less

18 March 2014

Allison watched a video of Darden Professor Jeanne Liedtka presenting a case study about how IBM used design thinking to transform trade shows and reflected on what she’s learned about this practical approach to problem solving.



Messy, Complicated, Wonderful People Stuff

29 April 2014

Allison watched a 90-second animated video about what we do at Allison Partners. Many thanks to Greg Brozenske of UN-reality.com for explaining exactly what it means to help with messy, complicated, wonderful people stuff.



P-Rod’s Last Lecture

13 May 2014

Allison watched Professor Peter Rodriguez’s Last Lecture at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and contemplated how to get you to watch it, too.



LEGO® Lessons, Continued

17 June 2014

Allison watched The LEGO® Movie for the third time and reflected on the things she's learned from her work with Professor LEGO over the years as well as the many lessons in this “AWESOME!!!” movie.



Pixar says: “Meet the Little Voices Inside Your Head”

7 October 2015

Allison watched the trailer for Inside Outthe summer 2015 film coming from Disney • Pixar. You should watch it, too.



Who Encourages You?

21 October 2014

Allison watched the #kidpresident pep talk her friend Brooke Jenkins sent her and remembered the importance of gratitude and encouragement in the happiness matters equation.



Telling Your Story Can Help You Heal

30 December 2014

Allison watched Donald Davis’ TEDxCharlottesville Talk, How the Story Transforms the Teller, and was grateful for his advice that telling your story can help you “crawl out from under” your heartbreak so that you can heal.



Should We Get Rid of the Word Balance?

13 January 2015

Allison watched best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert’s 90-second video about how the word balance has become a weapon we use against ourselves and others. Perhaps seeking balance is making it even harder to achieve the healthy satisfaction we crave in all aspects of our lives.



Project Management for Everyone

17 March 2015

Allison read the course description and watched the introductory video for a free, online Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management class taught by Professor Yael Grushka-Cockayne. The University of Virginia Darden School of Business is offering this four-week course so that everyone can learn why this topic doesn’t have to be so hard.



The Longevity Revolution

12 May 2015

Allison watched Jane Fonda’s TEDxWomen 2011 Talk and celebrated the idea that we all have something to look forward to in our third act.



#59in59 and What Would You Never Do?

16 June 2015

Allison read the #59in59 web site about visiting 59 National Parks in 59 weeks and pondered the power of asking yourself what would you never do.



Joy and Sadness Need Each Other

23 June 2015

Allison watched Disney • Pixar’s Inside Out and remembered that by allowing ourselves to feel sadness and learn from it, we can often find our joy faster.



What Should We Do?

4 August 2015

Allison watched James Taylor and the Lowcountry Voices from Charleston, SC, pay tribute to the nine people shot and killed at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on 17 June 2015. Then she read March: Book Two, a graphic novel about the Civil Rights Movement by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell, and wondered, “What should we do?”



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