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Structure and Design

Effective organizational structures do more than depict hierarchy and describe reporting relationships; a successful organizational design links each individual role with a broader team and an overarching purpose. Allison Partners works with small and emerging ventures to determine an initial organizational structure, and with established organizations to refine or redesign their existing structures.

An appropriate organizational design is dependent upon an organization’s strategy, business processes, personnel, management systems, and multiple other factors. After conducting an initial assessment, Allison Partners consultants foster candor and dialog throughout each organizational design or restructuring effort. Our organizational design services are differentiated by:

  • An ability to iterate between ideal and constrained organizational models to create solutions that are both durable and optimized for a client’s current situation and personnel.
  • A keen awareness of the employee condition and the importance of clear expectations for job performance.
  • A recognition of the personal impact of change on both employees and managers.
  • A thorough understanding of competency models and workforce planning tools that will shape the evolution of an organizational design in the future.

To read about some of the tools commonly used in Allison Partners structure and design projects, see advisory services, facilitation and human resources.