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Strategy Articulation

Successful organizational development efforts exist in a context of clearly articulated strategy and business objectives. In many cases, an organization’s strategy is already defined and a review of existing strategic choices is simply part of the Allison Partners client intake process. When the situation requires, Allison Partners provides strategy articulation services to help clients establish a strong foundation on which to develop core processes, organizational structure, workforce capability, and management systems. Working from a client’s mission and values, Allison Partners helps clients form and articulate their strategies by defining the organization’s future state vision, its differentiating strategy and position, its operational objectives, and the indicators and measures to evaluate progress.

The Allison Partners team ensures that core fundamentals of effective strategic planning are in place for each strategy articulation engagement. These foundational activities include targeted data gathering and research; effective and appropriate stakeholder involvement; implementation and communication planning; and integration of subsequent organizational development and performance management efforts. In addition, Allison Partners strategy articulation services are differentiated by:

  • An ability to frame strategic thinking as a series of choices that are impacted by real and perceived constraints as well as existing patterns of behavior.
  • An understanding of the interpersonal dynamics that impact team meetings and implementation efforts, coupled with an ability to help team members leverage and, when necessary, improve these interpersonal dynamics.
  • An empowering, consultative style that encourages both leaders and employees to take ownership of the planning and development efforts and to build essential skills that help ensure future success.

To read about some of the tools commonly used in Allison Partners strategy articulation projects, see advisory services and facilitation.