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Advisory Services

Fresh eyes. Expert opinions. Practical sensibilities. Productive candor. When working in an advisory capacity, Allison Partners consultants provide all this and more. With specialized expertise and experience working in a variety of organizational contexts, Allison Partners team members design and execute consulting engagements that facilitate choice and achieve results.

Allison Partners’ advisory services projects address a variety of organizational challenges and take many shapes and sizes. In many cases, engagements combine advisory services with other Allison Partners tools such as facilitation, professional coaching or human resources. Past projects include:

  • A review of local compensation information and creation of a compensation policy to inform employee raises and future employment offers;
  • An assessment of current onboarding, training and employee development programs and development of recommendations to improve efficacy and performance; and
  • An organizational restructuring to increase alignment between strategic priorities and functional responsibilities, distribute workload equitably, and foster accountability.

Whether the project duration is measured in hours or months, Allison Partners consultants are known for their responsiveness to client needs, efficient use of client resources, and ability to prompt action.