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Professional Coaching

The team at Allison Partners provides coaching services to facilitate change and foster skill development at the individual level, which ultimately allows for successful transformation and growth at an organizational level. Based on a fundamental belief that individuals are both creative and resourceful, our coaches listen, observe, ask questions, serve as a sounding board, support skill development and customize the relationship for the client.

Whether supporting an individual at a significant juncture in his life or career, providing one-time coaching feedback as part of an organizational intervention, or designing and delivering a comprehensive coaching program to support an organization’s succession planning and workforce development objectives, Allison Partners coaches are committed to supporting the personal and professional growth of their clients. With a holistic approach rooted in each individual’s self-knowledge, our coaches act as candid and confidential partners in the process of making choices and taking action.

Regardless of the coaching format, Allison Partners coaches work with clients to mutually establish goals and measures for the coaching relationship. Subjects addressed during coaching are determined based on client needs and situations, but often include:

  • Building self-awareness through assessment instruments and feedback mechanisms;
  • Clarifying personal values, beliefs and aspirations and increasing alignment between intent and action;
  • Developing professional skills such as communication, public speaking, supervision, collaboration, stress management, and conflict resolution; and
  • Supporting discrete projects and assignments such as strategic plan development.