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Allison Partners focuses on the systems and processes that directly impact how people work.

  • Is your message muddled or your vision unclear? Our strategy articulation services can help you clarify your organizational objectives and establish a context for goal-setting, decision-making, and further organizational development efforts.
  • Are your people aligned with your priorities? Is your team organized for optimal performance? Our structure and design services can help you ensure that the underlying framework of your organization supports your objectives.
  • Is there change in your organization’s future? (We’d guess the answer is, “Yes.”) Our change management services can help you prepare for, communicate about, and lead in the midst of whatever change you face.
  • Do people know what it takes to succeed in your organization? Are you seeing the individual and collective results you want? Our performance management services are the solution if you need help setting expectations, providing feedback, or improving the day-to-day process of managing work.
  • Are your organization’s leaders honing their executive skills? Are you looking to cultivate your future leaders? Our leadership development services help individuals develop so organizations benefit.
  • What will your organization look like five or 10 years from now? Are you ready? Our workforce planning services help organizations chart a path from the way things are to the way they will be, identifying competencies to build, talent to acquire, and transitions to make.

Select a link at left to read more about our work in each of these areas, or visit Tools to learn about some of the specific methodologies utilized in our projects. (If you’re an individual trying to determine whether coaching is right for you, you may want to jump directly to the professional coaching page.)