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Performance Management

In many organizations, people are not only the greatest asset but also the single largest expense. Allison Partners works with organizations to ensure that this investment yields dividends. From clear job descriptions to productive performance reviews to meaningful measures and metrics, effective performance management requires both sound employment practices and skilled supervisors.

Successful organizations address both sides of the performance equation. With expertise in human resource management and organizational development, Allison Partners consultants work with clients to assess their existing tools and processes for individual and organizational performance management and consider opportunities for improvement. Meanwhile, Allison Partners team members recognize that even the best form cannot replace the relationship between employee and supervisor and a supervisor’s ability to provide clear, direct and productive feedback about performance. By combining a systems approach with individual and team skill development, Allison Partners helps organizations realize the benefits of effective performance management.

To read about some of the tools commonly used in Allison Partners performance management projects, see advisory services, assessment and feedback, speaking and training and human resources.