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Human Resources

Organizational development and human resources are two sides of the same coin. With both functions focused on the critical people processes that fuel organizations, it’s almost impossible to isolate successful organizational development from effective human resource management. Allison Partners consultants recognize that tactical human resource thinking – the systems that get paychecks processed and policies enforced – are as important to an organization and its employees as any conversation about training, structure or succession. In both project design and day-to-day execution, Allison Partners works closely with human resource colleagues to ensure alignment and support.

With experience in compensation, employment and compliance, Allison Partners also provides specific human resources expertise to support client’s priorities. In some cases, an Allison Partners consultant serves as the primary human resource advisor for organizations without an internal human resource professional, developing practices and policies and consulting with leaders as needed. In other instances, Allison Partners conducts human resource audits to help human resource teams and their organizations assess their performance.