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Change Management

Allison Partners provides comprehensive change management services that help clients navigate the change process at both organizational and individual levels. When clients identify a need to change in order to pursue their strategic and operational objectives, Allison Partners consultants help them articulate a future vision and identify the specific changes required of the organization’s people, processes and technology. Utilizing an integrated approach that incorporates surveys and employee assessments, facilitated dialog, communication strategy, feedback mechanisms and employee engagement tools, all complemented by process assessment and organizational design expertise, Allison Partners consultants create change management programs that help clients achieve business results.

Whether responding to a change event such as a system implementation, organizational restructuring or process improvement effort, or supporting the strengthening or shift of an organization’s culture, our change management efforts address the factors that most commonly inhibit successful organizational development:

  • Lack of information and abundance of speculation.
  • Employee fear and resistance.
  • Lack of management adoption and support.
  • Ambiguous or unclear direction and goals.
  • Unresolved inconsistencies between current and future states.

By developing change management plans that clearly articulate the desired change, align message and action, and reinforce and support new behaviors, Allison Partners helps organizations foster lasting changes that yield results.

To read about some of the tools commonly used in Allison Partners change management projects, see advisory services, facilitation, human resources, professional coaching and speaking and training.