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Allison Partners provides comprehensive facilitation services that support a wide variety of client goals and objectives. With experience facilitating individual conversations, small group discussions and large meetings and conferences, Allison Partners consultants utilize proven facilitation techniques to foster candid and productive discussions of critical issues, including:

  • Strategic and long-range planning;
  • Goal-setting and prioritization;
  • Process assessment and improvement;
  • Team formation and revitalization;
  • Problem resolution;
  • Organizational development; and
  • Performance management.

Allison Partners recognizes the importance of skilled facilitation to support group candor, productive dialog, robust idea generation, and effective decision-making. While the circumstances necessitating facilitation vary, ranging from last-minute meetings to respond to an emergency to annual corporate retreats to review progress and plan for the future, Allison Partners team members employ proven facilitation techniques while customizing their approach to each specific assignment.