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13 January 2011

Allison read Guardians of Being by Eckhart Tolle with illustrations by Patrick McDonnell, the creator of Mutts. (Books don't have to have lots of words to say a lot.)



Mindfulness and Meditation Made Manageable

17 July 2012

Allison read Mark Kirby’s article Mind Over Stairmaster from the May 2012 GQ and was glad to see another effort to make mindfulness and meditation a little more manageable.



Sing Yourself to a Better Place

14 August 2012

Allison pressed repeat on Brent & Co.'s song, Breathe, and found herself feeling better.



Practice Mindfulness Like Sherlock Holmes

5 February 2013

Allison read The Power of Concentration from the 15 December 2012 issue of The New York Times and appreciated Maria Konnokova’s summary of the many benefits of mindfulness including a better way to get stuff done like Sherlock Holmes. (By starting with just six minutes of mindfulness, Allison got this week's blog post written faster than usual, too.)



Are You Practicing Good Emotional Hygiene?

1 October 2013

Allison read the Dalai Lama’s post on Facebook today about emotional hygiene and thought about all the ways she tries to help herself choose to feel better when times are tough.



The Third Metric

15 October 2013

Allison read stories about The Third Metric on The Huffington Post website and celebrated yet another powerful resource for helping people to choose balance and leadership.



Be Like Pearl Jam and Just Breathe

29 October 2013

Allison listened to Just Breathe by Pearl Jam and was grateful once again for how music can help her to settle down and feel better.



Mindfulness for Your Children or Your Inner Child

24 December 2013

Allison read Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents) by Eline Sline and was so glad to learn about a mindfulness book and audio exercises for the child in all of us.



Choose to Disregard

18 February 2014

Allison read In Praise of Disregard in The Opinion Pages of The New York Times by Christy Wampole and was grateful for a persuasive piece about why and how we should make thoughtful choices about how we feel and act (rather than react).



How Do You Manage the Monster Inside?

25 February 2014

Allison read The Best Way to Defuse Your Stress by Peter Bregman on the HBR Blog Network and pondered the importance of the mind-body connection (including her childhood strategy of beating on the bed with a plastic bat).



Can a 10-Minute Meditation Change Your Life Forever?

15 April 2014

Allison listened to the 10-minute guided meditation session Dr. Deepak Chopra led from the steps of the University of Virginia Rotunda on 15 October 2013. Six months later this experience is still making a meaningful impact on how Allison approaches meditation.



Monkey Mind and Meditation

6 May 2014

Allison finished her three-week Dr. Deepak Chopra meditation experiment and found herself pondering (and hoping to cure) the monkey mind phenomenon.



Mindfulness and Fitness Combined at Canyon Ranch

20 May 2014

Allison and Rachel are on their third annual leadership retreat at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, and found a new mindfulness practice to add to their repertoire called ZEN•GA™.



Take a Hike

22 July 2014

Allison read Proof That Hiking Makes You Happier and Healthier on The Huffington Post’s The Third Metric blog and was glad to see a lot of research supporting something she’s always suspected—taking a hike is a mighty good thing.



Please Do Not Feed the Fears

14 October 2014

Allison read a popular saying on a variety of Facebook pages and paused to consider why this one struck a chord in her and many of her friends.



Hold Your Face (And Your Tongue)

24 March 2015

Allison read How Leaders Should React When Someone Disappoints by Peter Bregman and appreciated a succinct explanation for why raising your voice, being sarcastic, rolling your eyes, smirking, looking bored, crying, etc. is never, ever the right response when you’re frustrated with someone.



Adjust the Plan When Necessary

29 September 2015

Allison had a complicated night of airline travel and couldn't get a new blog post updated before her Tuesday midnight deadline. Instead, she's sharing her favorite David Whyte poem that helped her to stay calm when the flight got particularly bumpy.



Read This the Next Time You’re Having a Bad Day

17 November 2015

Allison read How to Turn a Bad Day Around by Amy Gallo on HBR.org and nodded her head as Gallo explained some important happiness best practices by Shawn Achor and other experts.



Give Them (and Yourself) Nothing

22 December 2015

Allison read The Gift of Nothing and Vacation Sabotage: Don’t Let It Happen to You! (You’ll probably need to do something differently if you want to make space for doing nothing at all.)



Mindfulness Can be Messy and Unpleasant

29 December 2015

Allison read If Mindfulness Makes You Uncomfortable, It’s Working by Amy Jen Su and appreciated both the specific techniques for using mindfulness to improve leadership in the workplace as well as her candor about how unpleasant it can be.



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