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Ways to Calm Your Fears

17 March 2020

Barbara watched Martha Beck’s weekly Facebook Live Event, The Gathering Room: Fearless, and had reinforced what she knows to be true—focused breathing helps when scary things are happening.



Finding Connection When We Can’t Gather

31 March 2020

Janie read The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters by Priya Parker and considered ways we can stay connected to each other in these uncertain times.



Are You Struggling to Sleep?

14 April 2020

Allison read Get Some Rest: A Brief Guide for Those on the COVID-19 Front Lines and reflected on how it’s probably never been more difficult or more important for all of us to get a good night’s sleep.



Freewriting in the Time of Crisis

17 April 2020

Yvonne read Turn Your Face: How to Be Heard and Get What You Want Most of the Time by Barbara Linney and is grateful for rediscovery of an old habit—freewriting--made new again.



Poetry in Quarantine

28 April 2020

Craving courage during the COVID-19 quarantine, Barbara watched a live online series called The Courage in Poetry by David Whyte on three consecutive Sundays in April 2020.



How to Be a Better Remote Worker

7 May 2020

Janie read several articles about working from home, considered the best practices Rachel has shared with us at Allison Partners, and pondered discussions with her teammates about things we can do to be better remote workers.



How to Be a Better Remote Boss

8 May 2020

Allison watched Bruce Tulgan’s webinar and agreed that what it takes to be a great boss needs to be adapted to the remote workplace, but the underlying best practices are the same.



Fun with Illustration

12 May 2020

Janie read How to Make an Illustrated Map in 8 Steps and enjoyed talking with Charlie about our last trip to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and what was most memorable for him about our visit.  



Manage Your Mind in New Ways

26 May 2020

Barbara read Inner Critic Hacks: 8 Easy Tricks to Quiet Negative Self-Talk in Seconds and tried a few things to help herself manage her mind a little more effectively.



We’re Going to Be O.K.

7 July 2020

Allison read We’re Going to Be O.K. by Dr. Ebony Jade Hilton and Dr. Leigh-Ann Webb with illustrations by Ashleigh Corrin Webb. It sure was comforting to be reminded there are practical things we can do to stay safe, healthy, and optimistic during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Ten Minutes to a Happier Kid (and Parent)

21 July 2020

Barbara read How a 10-Minute ‘Reset’ May Make a Huge Difference for Kids at Home by Audrey Breen and remembered a counselor who advised this same practice many years ago when she had young children.



I Learned to Manage Anxiety and So Can You!

18 August 2020

Barbara was interviewed for a Life Free of Anxiety podcast episode and was happy to share the story of how she learned to manage her own anxiety over 35 years ago.



The Next Right Thing

1 September 2020

Allison listened to The Next Right Thing from the Disney Frozen II soundtrack and was reminded that a good song can help you feel better and focus.



Listening with Curiosity

15 September 2020

Janie read Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler and learned how helpful listening with curiosity can be when trying to understand another person’s point of view. 



Searching and Reclaiming the Soul in a Virtual World of Work

22 September 2020

Yvonne read The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America by David Whyte and recalled the search for soul in her own working life.



Would You Like to Meet My Literary Crush?

29 September 2020

Barbara watched David Whyte’s Three Sundays online series, Half a Shade Braver, and was comforted and encouraged to keep on tolerating the unknown without going bonkers.



Being Clear Amidst Uncertainty

27 October 2020

Janie considered what she has learned after preparing weekly best practice updates for over a quarter, and realized that when dealing with tremendous uncertainty, clarity is even more important than ever.



Zoom Manners

10 November 2020

Barbara read Workplace Savvy: New Zoom etiquette for meetings by Eva Del Rio and agreed that the author’s tips make for a better experience for everyone involved.



What William Knows About COVID-19

24 November 2020

Allison asked her 13-year old nephew William what he’s learned about how to navigate 2020 with the hope that his wisdom might be helpful to people as they continue to find the strength to be safe and happy in the midst of COVID-19. Once again, William delivered!



Finding Purpose through Learning

8 December 2020

Janie and a few of her teammates audited different Coursera courses this year and realized that auditing a course can be a way to learn new skills as well as a mechanism to adjust your mindset when things are challenging. 



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