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13 April 2011

Allison watched Brené Brown’s TED Talk after a client suggested that “The Power of Vulnerability” might provide good insights for our professional coaching work.



26 May 2011

Allison watched the last Oprah show and reflected on 25 years of good life lessons and the things she’ll always remember from Oprah’s final love letter to her viewers.



Candor is One of Our Favorite Things

19 June 2012

Allison read Keith Ferrazzi’s one-page article on Candor, Criticism, and Teamwork from the January-February 2012 Harvard Business Review and was glad to learn three great tips for helping people have meaningful conversations in meetings and ultimately stronger relationships.



Give Up Your Fear of Failure and Find Faith in Yourself

27 November 2012

Allison read The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America by David Whyte and was reminded to worry a little less about failure and to believe in herself a little more.



Be Intrepid

11 December 2012

Allison read Intrepid, The University of Virginia Library 2012 Annual Report, and enjoyed a celebration of words, a feast for the senses and a bit of inspiration for 2013.



Find Comfort and a Fresh Perspective in Poetry

19 March 2013

Allison read a draft of Border Ways by her brother, Reverend George Linney, and once again found just what she needed during a difficult time in the pages of a beautiful collection of poems.



The Power of Saying No

16 April 2013

Allison read one of her favorite Mary Oliver poems, The Journey, and remembered how important it is to sometimes say, “No.”



It’s Important to Ask for Help

7 May 2013

Allison read an excerpt from David Whyte’s Readers' Circle Essay, "Help," and appreciated the reminder that sometimes it’s important to ask for the generosity you need.




23 July 2013

Allison read Brené Brown’s Facebook post yesterday and appreciated the acknowledgment that wholeheartedness requires a whole lot of courage.



Embracing Vulnerability and Giving Up Shame is Important (and Difficult)

4 February 2014

Allison watched Brené Brown’s 2012 TED Talk, Listening to shame, and was grateful for another dose of Brown’s humor and courage.



P-Rod’s Last Lecture

13 May 2014

Allison watched Professor Peter Rodriguez’s Last Lecture at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and contemplated how to get you to watch it, too.



What Do You Have to Do?

23 September 2014

Allison read one of her favorite Mary Oliver poems, The Journey, and considered how brave we have to be if we want to make changes in our lives.



Please Do Not Feed the Fears

14 October 2014

Allison read a popular saying on a variety of Facebook pages and paused to consider why this one struck a chord in her and many of her friends.



Write to Help Yourself Cope with Grief

9 December 2014

Allison read To Get Over Something, Write About It on HBR.org and was happy to have another tool to share with people who are struggling to cope with any kind of grief.



More on How to Write to Help Yourself Cope with Grief

16 December 2014

Allison did the experiment she wrote about in last week’s blog post, Write to Help Yourself Cope with Grief, and decided that it’s definitely worth recommending to others.



Telling Your Story Can Help You Heal

30 December 2014

Allison watched Donald Davis’ TEDxCharlottesville Talk, How the Story Transforms the Teller, and was grateful for his advice that telling your story can help you “crawl out from under” your heartbreak so that you can heal.



Brownies for Breakfast

17 February 2015

Allison read the Brownies for Breakfast Facebook Invitation from Mary Linn Bergstrom and was grateful for a brave mama’s gift of balance to others.



#59in59 and What Would You Never Do?

16 June 2015

Allison read the #59in59 web site about visiting 59 National Parks in 59 weeks and pondered the power of asking yourself what would you never do.



Graphic Lessons from Congressman John Lewis

30 June 2015

Allison read March: Book One, a graphic novel by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell before sending it to her 11-year old nephew at summer camp and wondered what he would think of this glimpse into the Civil Rights Movement.



What Should We Do?

4 August 2015

Allison watched James Taylor and the Lowcountry Voices from Charleston, SC, pay tribute to the nine people shot and killed at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on 17 June 2015. Then she read March: Book Two, a graphic novel about the Civil Rights Movement by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell, and wondered, “What should we do?”



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