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Give Up Your Fear of Failure and Find Faith in Yourself

27 November 2012

Allison read The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America by David Whyte and was reminded to worry a little less about failure and to believe in herself a little more.



Set Yourself Up for Success from the Start

4 December 2012

Allison read Promiscuous Fitness from the November 2012 O, The Oprah Magazine and enjoyed a good chuckle and a great reminder about how to make difficult changes just a little easier.



The Mind-Body Connection

8 January 2013

Allison read Think yourself well from the December 8th 2012 issue of The Economist and was glad to learn about compelling research on the connection between positive emotions and healthier bodies as well as actions you can take to increase your vagal tone (turns out we need more than just muscle tone).



Kindness Girl Delights and Inspires

23 April 2013

Allison heard Patience Salgado (aka Kindness Girl) speak at a conference this morning and found herself nodding her head, laughing out loud, and excited to dive into Patience’s blog.




23 July 2013

Allison read Brené Brown’s Facebook post yesterday and appreciated the acknowledgment that wholeheartedness requires a whole lot of courage.



Are You Practicing Good Emotional Hygiene?

1 October 2013

Allison read the Dalai Lama’s post on Facebook today about emotional hygiene and thought about all the ways she tries to help herself choose to feel better when times are tough.



Resolve to Be Happier

7 January 2014

Allison read 7 Small Resolutions for a Big Happiness Boost in 2014 by Dr. Emma M. Seppälä on the Psychology Today blog and was glad to see some of the best happiness research compiled in one short post.




21 January 2014

Allison read her 10-year old nephew's poem, Running!, and asked herself  some important questions every grown-up should consider.



How Do You Talk About Who’s Fat?

4 March 2014

Allison read Miller Murray Susen's blog post, Who's Fat?, and admired one Mama's attempt to navigate the complicated topic of talking with her kids (and herself) about weight and health.



Who Encourages You?

21 October 2014

Allison watched the #kidpresident pep talk her friend Brooke Jenkins sent her and remembered the importance of gratitude and encouragement in the happiness matters equation.



Write to Help Yourself Cope with Grief

9 December 2014

Allison read To Get Over Something, Write About It on HBR.org and was happy to have another tool to share with people who are struggling to cope with any kind of grief.



More on How to Write to Help Yourself Cope with Grief

16 December 2014

Allison did the experiment she wrote about in last week’s blog post, Write to Help Yourself Cope with Grief, and decided that it’s definitely worth recommending to others.



Practicing Self-Compassion

6 October 2015

Allison read Dr. Kristin Neff’s web site about self-compassion as well as several of her articles and watched her TEDx talk. Dr. Neff's research was just the reminder she needed about talking to herself like a good friend rather than an angry taskmaster.



Lessons in Courage (and Other Things) from the Dancing Queen

13 October 2015

Allison read Dani Antol’s new blog, The Big C in My Double Ds, and learned so many important things.



Embracing Imperfection

5 December 2017

Janie re-read The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brené Brown, and was reminded of the importance of letting go of perfection.



Let Go of At Least

12 December 2017

Allison watched Brené Brown’s animation about the difference between sympathy and empathy and renewed her commitment to let go of 'at least.’



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