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Waiting for What You Want

25 December 2012

Allison read Olivia Helps with Christmas to her niece and nephews and commiserated about how hard it is to wait for what you want.



Pets Help Us Be Present

2 July 2013

Allison read Guardians of Being and celebrated the anniversary of meeting her fabulous dog, Joey, 13 years ago today.



Mindfulness for Your Children or Your Inner Child

24 December 2013

Allison read Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents) by Eline Sline and was so glad to learn about a mindfulness book and audio exercises for the child in all of us.



The Gift of Nothing

23 December 2014

Allison read one of her favorite books, The Gift of Nothing, and began the process of slowing down and disconnecting from work so that she can lean into a bit of a break during this holiday season.



9/11 Stories of Survival, Healing, and Hope

27 June 2017

Allison watched the musical, Come From Away, and read The Survivor Tree: Inspired by a True Story by Cheryl Somers Aubin. Both are poignant and beautifully told stories with insights about healing and hope in the aftermath of September 11, 2001



Enjoy Little Leaders with Your Little People at #VABOOK2020

3 March 2020

Allison read Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison and got excited for one of her favorite annual events plus the chance to learn with some of her favorite little people.



We’re Going to Be O.K.

7 July 2020

Allison read We’re Going to Be O.K. by Dr. Ebony Jade Hilton and Dr. Leigh-Ann Webb with illustrations by Ashleigh Corrin Webb. It sure was comforting to be reminded there are practical things we can do to stay safe, healthy, and optimistic during the COVID-19 pandemic.



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