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Did the Pandemic Change How Gallup Measures Employee Engagement?

9 April 2024

Allison read What to Ask the Hybrid and Remote Workforce by Jim Harter and was once again grateful for Gallup’s insights about what matters when it comes to employee engagement.

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More than 25 years ago, “after testing hundreds of workplace survey items, Gallup found that if we knew how a team of employees in any organization, industry, or geography responded to 12 highly tested items, we knew how they would answer virtually anything else we could ask them about their work culture. And we could predict the performance of their team, the value they bring to customers and how many team members would still be with the team a year later.”

Gallup set the standard for measuring employee engagement, and it’s why I teach managers to do everything they can to ensure their direct reports would answer, “yes” to what Gallup calls the Q12. (If a client wants to survey their employees and use a vendor, Gallup is excellent. However, one of the many things I appreciate about Gallup as a vendor is that they share much of their research and recommendations for free and would be the first to say that managers can use the Q12 insights without ever needing to administer the survey.)

I often wondered what it might take to have Gallup make changes or additions to the Q12, and last year I got my answer. “Gallup saw the need to create a reengineered dashboard for the post-pandemic hybrid and remote workplace that aligns with how people work and live today. We call it Q12+.”

Whenever I teach about the original Q12, there are always people who are surprised by what questions made Gallup’s list. I’m pretty sure the four new questions also will elicit some surprised looks because they aren’t necessarily what people might think matters to employees post-pandemic. Spoiler alert… my organization allows me to work remotely did not make the cut!

I hope you’ll read Jim Harter’s short article, What to ask the Hybrid and Remote Workforce because it both reveals the four new questions that are “Gallup’s single best in each of four highly important categories” and includes some compelling data that supports the significance of the questions. (Harter is Gallup’s Chief Scientist and author of many of their books.)

However, If you’re not sure when you’ll have time for his article, you can find the new questions (13 – 16) here.

What’s your reaction after reading the four new questions?


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