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3 March 2011

Allison read Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Be the Best . . . and Learn from the Worst by Robert I. Sutton, PhD. We read just about everything we can find on the topic of bosses.



11 March 2011

Allison read It's Okay to Be the Boss: The Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming the Manager Your Employees Need by Bruce Tulgan for a second time and she's ready to make a bold proclamation . . . this is the best boss book on the market.



22 April 2011

 Allison referenced FYI: For Your Improvement by Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger a lot this month and remembered why it made our reading list of our seven all-time favorite books.



Three Lessons for Leaders from the Kitchen

16 October 2011

Rachel added to her cookbook shelf with three recent releases. In between the recipes from Ferran Adria, Michael Ruhlman and Todd English, she noticed some trends from restaurant kitchens that go way beyond food. (I guess you can nourish mind and body at the same time after all.)



Four Things to Remember about Performance Reviews

30 October 2011

Rachel nodded and applauded her way through reading How to Be Good at Performance Appraisals by Dick Grote. At long last, managers have a practical guide to making the most of one of the most significant (and much-maligned) supervisory responsibilities of the year. 



Leadership Wisdom from the Baseball Diamond

8 November 2011

Allison read Built to Win: Inside Stories and Leadership Strategies from Baseball's Winningest GM and was happy to learn that the former General Manager of the Atlanta Braves, John Schuerholz, believes one of the secrets to his success was establishing clear, mutually understood expectations with every member of the organization. (It’s nice when one of your heroes affirms a closely held belief.)



Make Your Dreams Come True

24 July 2012

Allison read Martha Beck’s column from the January 2011 O, The Oprah Magazine and learned a way to approach goal setting with a better chance of getting what you really want.



You Might Be a Bad Boss

4 September 2012

Allison read Are You Sure You’re Not a Bad Boss? by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkmann on the HBR Blog Network and was glad to see a well-researched and new way to think about bad boss behavior that may not be as obvious as screaming.



Leadership Skill-Building Made Manageable

25 March 2014

Allison reviewed FYI: For Your Improvement by Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger in preparation for some training she’s attending this week and remembered why it still makes our reading list of our seven all-time favorite books.



What’s the Big Deal About 360° Feedback?

1 April 2014

Allison attended a certification course in VOICES®, a 360° feedback instrument, and reflected on the importance of this kind of development experience for people who want to be more effective leaders.



Improve Your Relationship with Your Boss

8 July 2014

Allison read It's Okay to Manage Your Boss: The Step-by-Step Program for Making the Best of Your Most Important Relationship at Work and appreciated another dose of Bruce Tulgan’s advice for dealing with the crisis of undermanagement in the workplace.



Help for New Team Leaders

30 September 2014

Allison read 5 Tips for New Team Leaders by Jeanne DeWitt on the HBR Blog Network and found herself nodding her head and sending this post to all the new team leaders she’s currently supporting.



Are You a Micromanager?

18 November 2014

Allison read Signs That You’re a Micromanager on HBR.org and appreciated a short article that will help leaders to both assess their micromanagement tendencies and, if needed, take steps toward changing their behavior.



Leaders Should Do Less

2 December 2014

Allison read Doing Less, Leading More on HBR.org and was glad for the reminder that moving from an individual contributor at work into a supervisory role requires an important shift in thinking (and doing).



Practical Help for Managers and Their Stickiest Situations

20 January 2015

Allison read The 27 Challenges Managers Face: Step-by-Step Solutions to (Nearly) All of Your Management Problems and was delighted with Bruce Tulgan’s latest installment of practical advice for supervisors.



The Best Bosses are Comfortable with Candor

15 December 2015

Allison read Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss and appreciated Kim Scott’s advice on how to care personally, challenge directly, and provide the thing all employees crave… guidance!



Guidance for Bosses in the Wake of Tragedy

5 July 2016

Allison read Being a Good Boss in Dark Times by Jennifer Porter and was grateful for specific guidance on what to do at work as employees try to process mass tragedies.



Research Proves That Bosses Matter

2 May 2017

Allison read The Value of Bosses written for the National Bureau of Economic Research and was glad to report that the data show bosses really do matter.



12 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

31 October 2017

Allison read The Relationship Between Engagement at Work and Organizational Outcomes (2016 Q12® Meta-Analysis: Ninth Edition) and was grateful for Gallup's continued commitment to helping organizations thrive by improving employee satisfaction.



What Kind of Manager Are You?

16 January 2018

Eden read The New One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson and learned that good managers help others become good self-managers.



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