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Overcome Fear and Anxiety So You Can Free Your Creativity

28 June 2016

Barbara read Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear and appreciated Elizabeth Gilbert’s warning and heeded her advice--don’t let your creativity hear you complaining. It will go away and leave you alone.



Go Faster and Let Go Sooner

2 August 2016

Barbara watched two of her grandchildren do indoor rock climbing without a harness and gymnastic rings for two hours. They teach her many things and today was no exception.



Lessons in Hard Work from a Shepherd

20 December 2016

Barbara read The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks and was inspired by the intense work ethic of the farming life and the elegant poetic word choices that describe the land and life of the Lake District.



A Happiness Matters Booster Shot

9 May 2017

Barbara watched Brené Brown interview Shawn Achor about his happiness research, then watched his TEDx Talk, and was reminded happiness is a choice.



These Choices Can Make a Big Difference

30 May 2017

Barbara watched a TEDx Talk by Carolyn Myss and appreciated some new ways to think about the power of choice.



Hamilton Makes Me Want to Be Brave This 4th of July!

4 July 2017

Barbara watched the musical, Hamilton, in New York, and thought about how not to “throw away her shot.”



Take a Break from Empathy

29 August 2017

Barbara watched Martha Beck’s video, How to Not Hurt When Someone You Love is Hurting, and was reminded that being too empathic can be unhelpful.



Try a Little Shift in How You Talk to Yourself

4 September 2018

Barbara watched Pinkcast 2.22: This is how to talk to yourself and learned a different way to use self-talk in stressful situations.



You’ll Learn

26 March 2019

Barbara watched Rita Dove at the 2019 Quadruplicity Conference in Charlottesville and walked away feeling inspired and more courageous.



What Does it Take to Make Yourself Change?

16 July 2019

Barbara watched Mel Robbins' TEDx San FranciscoTalk on How to stop screwing yourself over and learned why it's so hard to change.



Must Love Numbers

17 September 2019

Barbara watched The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get, a TEDxBeaconStreet Talk by Susan Colantuono’s, and found information that hadn’t been emphasized in her other research on the topic of how women can advance—one reason women may not move from middle management to the higher levels is that no one is telling them they must understand the finances of their organizations. 



Ways to Calm Your Fears

17 March 2020

Barbara watched Martha Beck’s weekly Facebook Live Event, The Gathering Room: Fearless, and had reinforced what she knows to be true—focused breathing helps when scary things are happening.



Would You Like to Meet My Literary Crush?

29 September 2020

Barbara watched David Whyte’s Three Sundays online series, Half a Shade Braver, and was comforted and encouraged to keep on tolerating the unknown without going bonkers.



House of Music Inspires!

17 August 2021

Barbara read House of Music by Kadiatu Kennah-Mason and was inspired by how hard young children would work to perfect their art when supported and encouraged by parents who sacrificed so much.



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