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Develop our Team

“I have a great team. Help us get even better.”

As a new leader of an existing team, the Deputy Administrator for this federal program identified opportunities to improve collaboration among his staff.

An Allison Partners consultant worked with the Deputy Administrator to develop a year-long sequence of activities to support both team and individual development. The team’s annual leadership retreat launched the program with an agenda that featured candid and productive dialog among team members. In addition to designing and facilitating the retreat, Allison Partners conducted a 360 assessment for the Deputy Administrator and provided executive coaching support as he addressed the feedback and modeled a new culture for team interaction. Allison Partners also provided coaching to each member of the leadership team in support of self-identified development priorities.

Team members reported improved communication and collaboration as a result of the engagement, and the Deputy Administrator observed continued development of his team and their performance. Allison Partners was subsequently engaged to provide coaching for other leaders within the agency.