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Focus our Resources

“We have more projects than ever and we’re not keeping up. Help us focus our resources to do the work that matters.”

With the recent launch of a new learning management system and the introduction of a new competency model, the training and learning team at this Virginia state agency was called upon to play an increasingly high-profile and important role. Allison Partners was awarded a contract to lead the functional realignment of this 20-person team to increase role clarity and equip the group to meet significant project milestones.

An Allison Partners consultant conducted a department-wide assessment of employees, partners and customers to gather information and begin building support for the change process. Finding that the department’s strategic focus needed clarification, Allison Partners recommended a new strategy articulation and a modified organizational design. Allison Partners subsequently supported the implementation of the new staffing structure, including identification of key competencies, development of work profiles, support of the selection process, and communication with team members and constituents.

With the increased clarity and alignment, the team successfully achieved the Commissioner’s directives and established an internal change management team to support other agency initiatives.