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“We’re doing more than ever and accomplishing our goals. How do we keep this up?”

With a strong history of successful growth, the board and Executive Director of this community non-profit wanted to make sound choices about the organization’s future and ensure that they didn’t outgrow their management capacity.

An Allison Partners coach and consultant worked with the Executive Director to facilitate a long-range planning process, develop a management dashboard, and plan and implement a new organizational structure to support future growth. Throughout the process, Allison Partners collaborated with the Executive Director to support her leadership development and build organizational capability for future planning efforts. In addition, Allison Partners provided analytic support, facilitated discussion and decision-making, and delivered training to managers and staff.

A written long-range and capital investment plan was approved by the Board, and the resulting management dashboard was recognized as a best practice among comparable organizations. In its first year, the new organizational structure increased capacity while providing significant development opportunities for staff.