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Allison Partners Animated

17 May 2016

Allison watched Messy, Complicated, Wonderful People Stuff by Greg Brozenske and appreciated how animation can make things easier to understand (and so much more fun).

Tags: allison read, allison watched, animation, communication, leadership

When people ask me, “What’s Allison Partners?” my official answer is that we’re an organizational development consultancy. Understandably, that often gets me a confused look in return so I follow up by saying, “We help with your stickiest situations at work. You know… the, messy, complicated, wonderful people stuff.” Once I say that, the person I’m talking to usually starts to nod and responds with something like, “Oh yeah. At my job we’re dealing with...”

Now we also have a short animation to help tell the Allison Partners story, and it was created by one of our most talented partners, Greg Brozenske. Greg developed this in 2014, but he recently added sound effects, and I think they make the 90-second clip even more, well, wonderful.

At Allison Partners we believe that words matter. Today I learned that when it comes to animation, sound effects matter, too! Thanks to Greg and un-reality.com for making it so much easier (and more fun) to tell our story.


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Nikki Harris
Jul 25, 2016

Absolutely LOVED your session.

Mary Cook
Feb 28, 2017

Love it!

Allison Partners
Feb 28, 2017

Thanks so much!


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