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13 April 2011

Allison watched Brené Brown’s TED Talk after a client suggested that “The Power of Vulnerability” might provide good insights for our professional coaching work.



Sing Yourself to a Better Place

14 August 2012

Allison pressed repeat on Brent & Co.'s song, Breathe, and found herself feeling better.



Give Up Your Fear of Failure and Find Faith in Yourself

27 November 2012

Allison read The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America by David Whyte and was reminded to worry a little less about failure and to believe in herself a little more.



Kindness Girl Delights and Inspires

23 April 2013

Allison heard Patience Salgado (aka Kindness Girl) speak at a conference this morning and found herself nodding her head, laughing out loud, and excited to dive into Patience’s blog.




23 July 2013

Allison read Brené Brown’s Facebook post yesterday and appreciated the acknowledgment that wholeheartedness requires a whole lot of courage.



Embracing Vulnerability and Giving Up Shame is Important (and Difficult)

4 February 2014

Allison watched Brené Brown’s 2012 TED Talk, Listening to shame, and was grateful for another dose of Brown’s humor and courage.



“Dirty Barbie” and Other Lessons in Vulnerability

11 February 2014

Allison watched Denise Laughlin Stewart's 2013 TEDx Charlottesville Talk and started counting down the days until her next chance to see Dirty Barbie and Other Girlhood Tales the weekend of 21 February 2014 at Four County Players in Barboursville, VA.




11 November 2014

Allison read the TEDxCharlottesville web site and started to get excited for her community’s second annual conference this Friday 14 November 2014. (And thanks to the wonders of live stream video everyone can enjoy the day!)



Telling Your Story Can Help You Heal

30 December 2014

Allison watched Donald Davis’ TEDxCharlottesville Talk, How the Story Transforms the Teller, and was grateful for his advice that telling your story can help you “crawl out from under” your heartbreak so that you can heal.



The Longevity Revolution

12 May 2015

Allison watched Jane Fonda’s TEDxWomen 2011 Talk and celebrated the idea that we all have something to look forward to in our third act.



#59in59 and What Would You Never Do?

16 June 2015

Allison read the #59in59 web site about visiting 59 National Parks in 59 weeks and pondered the power of asking yourself what would you never do.



Practicing Self-Compassion

6 October 2015

Allison read Dr. Kristin Neff’s web site about self-compassion as well as several of her articles and watched her TEDx talk. Dr. Neff's research was just the reminder she needed about talking to herself like a good friend rather than an angry taskmaster.



What if You Attend TEDxCharlottesville?

27 October 2015

Allison read the TEDxCharlottesville Web Site and started to get excited for 13 November 2015. Whether you attend in-person or virtually via live-stream, this year’s focus on “What If…” is sure to delight as we are encouraged to consider how the world would look if we were able to suspend our judgment.



Let “The Reckoning, The Rumble, and The Revolution” Start Now

3 November 2015

Barbara read Brené Brown’s newest book, Rising Strong, and learned that if you take risks like Brown recommended in her first two books, The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly, you will sometimes fall on your face. This book describes how to learn a lesson from the failure, get back up, and try again.



The Power of Perspective

19 January 2016

Allison watched Dia Draper’s TEDxCharlottesville Talk, The Power of Perspective, and laughed out loud while finding some much needed perspective of her own.



A Happiness Matters Booster Shot

9 May 2017

Barbara watched Brené Brown interview Shawn Achor about his happiness research, then watched his TEDx Talk, and was reminded happiness is a choice.



These Choices Can Make a Big Difference

30 May 2017

Barbara watched a TEDx Talk by Carolyn Myss and appreciated some new ways to think about the power of choice.



There’s a Reason Self-Compassion is So Hard to Achieve

23 January 2018

Barbara read Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself by Kristen Neff and was reminded how important it is to pay attention to how you talk to yourself.



What Does it Take to Make Yourself Change?

16 July 2019

Barbara watched Mel Robbins' TEDx San FranciscoTalk on How to stop screwing yourself over and learned why it's so hard to change.



Must Love Numbers

17 September 2019

Barbara watched The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get, a TEDxBeaconStreet Talk by Susan Colantuono’s, and found information that hadn’t been emphasized in her other research on the topic of how women can advance—one reason women may not move from middle management to the higher levels is that no one is telling them they must understand the finances of their organizations. 



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