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14 May 2011

Allison reviewed a classic article about the importance of sleep before teaching Choosing Balance and Leadership at Stanford University’s hospital. In "Sleep Deficit: The Performance Killer," Harvard Medical School Professor, Charles A. Czeisler, gives the shortest, most compelling argument for making sleep a priority no matter what.



Sleep is Essential and Six Hours is Not Enough

12 June 2012

Allison read the cover of USA Today and learned about some troubling new research on the link between lack of sleep and stroke risk. Perhaps this is the data that will convince people they need more than six hours of sleep a night.



Are You Practicing Good Sleep Hygiene?

24 September 2013

Allison read Sleep Hygiene Tips on the American Sleep Association web site in an effort to support several clients who know being rested improves their performance, but are struggling to get a good night’s sleep.



The Third Metric

15 October 2013

Allison read stories about The Third Metric on The Huffington Post website and celebrated yet another powerful resource for helping people to choose balance and leadership.



Sleep Your Brain Clean

22 October 2013

Allison watched a five-minute Fox News segment with Charlottesville neurologist and sleep specialist, Dr. William (Chris) Winter, and learned about another good medical reason to make sleep a priority.



The Secret to New Year’s Resolution Success

31 December 2013

Allison read The Most Important Thing You Can Do In The New Year To Lose Weight, Get Sharper And Live Longer on The Huffington Post this morning and was happy to see another story dedicated to the secret ingredient for success in all aspects of our lives.



Monkey Mind and Meditation

6 May 2014

Allison finished her three-week Dr. Deepak Chopra meditation experiment and found herself pondering (and hoping to cure) the monkey mind phenomenon.




17 June 2014

Allison was asked to speak about how to “Unplug” at a University of Virginia employee conference last week. Today she’s summarizing what she shared with participants about how to disconnect to achieve more balance and productivity.



Sleep Hygiene Advice from a 10-Year Old

5 August 2014

Allison read her nephew’s first Allison Partners What We’re Reading Now blog post and is excited to share his advice on how kids and grown-ups can get a better night’s sleep.



How the San Francisco Giants Slept Their Way to Another World Series Championship

4 November 2014

Allison read many articles about Dr. William (Chris) Winter’s advice for the San Francisco Giants and celebrated another victory for good sleep hygiene.



Tuck Yourself Into Bed

5 May 2015

Allison read What You Do Right Before Bed Determines How Productive and Focused You’ll Be Tomorrow and admired Michael Hyatt’s disciplined approach to one of the most important things people can do to get more of what they want out of life.



Relearning Some Important Sleep Hygiene Skills

22 September 2015

Allison read some of her past posts to help herself relearn some important sleep hygiene skills as she’s struggled with a new sleep challenge.



How Much Sleep Do You Need?

20 October 2015

Allison read Do We Really Need to Sleep 7 Hours a Night and the Recommended Amount of Sleep for A Healthy Adult: A Joint Consensus Statement of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society. Both of these articles will likely leave people wondering exactly how much sleep they need.



A Third of Americans are Sleep Deprived

23 February 2016

Allison saw a report on NBC Nightly News last week and hoped the Center for Disease Control’s recent findings about sleep deprivation in America might convince more people to make healthy sleep hygiene a priority.



Lose Weight by Sleeping

1 March 2016

Allison watched a report on NBC Nightly News last night, and wondered if a new study from the University of Chicago about the connection between getting enough sleep and weight loss might be the motivation people need to make sleep a priority.



Fall Asleep Faster with the Alphabet Game

11 November 2016

Eden read A Good Night’s Sleep Is Tied to Interruptions, Not Just Hours and learned that a fragmented sleep schedule can be harmful to overall well-being.



Help for Insomnia from SHUTi

13 December 2016

Allison read and watched news coverage about SHUTi and was pleased to learn more about how this Charlottesville-based business is helping people address insomnia.



Why is Sleep So Important?

28 February 2017

Janie read The Sleep Cure: The Fountain of Youth May Be Closer Than You Ever Thought, and appreciated a timely reminder about the importance of sleep.



Meditation to Manage Pain

8 May 2018

Eden listened to a guided meditation for progressive muscle relaxation and reflected on her method for managing pain and the anxiety that accompanies it.



The Third Metric Made Manageable

15 May 2018

Barbara read Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder by Arianna Huffington and was reminded that a few small changes can help restore your balance whether you are overworking or over worrying.



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