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Optimism 101

15 July 2014

Allison read one of the best birthday cards she’s ever gotten and remembered it’s important to be optimistic when times are tough and to celebrate when things get better.



Take a Hike

22 July 2014

Allison read Proof That Hiking Makes You Happier and Healthier on The Huffington Post’s The Third Metric blog and was glad to see a lot of research supporting something she’s always suspected—taking a hike is a mighty good thing.



Have a Little Faith

9 September 2014

Allison thought about the full moon and was reminded of one of her favorite David Whyte poems, Faith.



Stand Up and Ask, “Why Isn’t Mental Health Just Health?”

16 September 2014

Allison accepted the Stand Up Challenge from community health leader Erika Viccellio, and once again found herself pondering this question, “Why isn’t mental health just health?”



Pixar says: “Meet the Little Voices Inside Your Head”

7 October 2015

Allison watched the trailer for Inside Outthe summer 2015 film coming from Disney • Pixar. You should watch it, too.



Who Encourages You?

21 October 2014

Allison watched the #kidpresident pep talk her friend Brooke Jenkins sent her and remembered the importance of gratitude and encouragement in the happiness matters equation.



Help for Vacationers Who Want More Savoring and Less Stress

28 October 2014

Allison read her friend Jaime Kurtz’s first blog post for Psychology Today and got excited about a new resource for people who want help with enjoying their vacations.



What William Knows

25 November 2014

Allison walked into the waiting arms of her seven-year old nephew, William, and remembered that kids know the most important stuff. (I asked him to make a list for you.)



Write to Help Yourself Cope with Grief

9 December 2014

Allison read To Get Over Something, Write About It on HBR.org and was happy to have another tool to share with people who are struggling to cope with any kind of grief.



More on How to Write to Help Yourself Cope with Grief

16 December 2014

Allison did the experiment she wrote about in last week’s blog post, Write to Help Yourself Cope with Grief, and decided that it’s definitely worth recommending to others.



Telling Your Story Can Help You Heal

30 December 2014

Allison watched Donald Davis’ TEDxCharlottesville Talk, How the Story Transforms the Teller, and was grateful for his advice that telling your story can help you “crawl out from under” your heartbreak so that you can heal.



Get Happier by Writing More

27 January 2015

Allison read Writing Your Way to Happiness in the New York Times last week and asked her mama who taught her about this kind of writing in the first place to be a guest blogger today.



Joy and Sadness Need Each Other

23 June 2015

Allison watched Disney • Pixar’s Inside Out and remembered that by allowing ourselves to feel sadness and learn from it, we can often find our joy faster.



Cultivating New Habits

27 August 2015

Janie read Better than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin to learn about Rubin’s research on habit formation and, in particular, why some people find establishing habits much easier than others.



Is the Happiness Movement Hype?

8 September 2015

Allison read Happiness Isn’t the Absence of Negative Feelings by Jennifer Moss on HBR.org and appreciated some important reminders from an adherent to the happiness movement.



Read This the Next Time You’re Having a Bad Day

17 November 2015

Allison read How to Turn a Bad Day Around by Amy Gallo on HBR.org and nodded her head as Gallo explained some important happiness best practices by Shawn Achor and other experts.



Build Your Empathy Skills this Valentine’s Day

9 February 2016

Allison read Resources for Learning About Empathy on Valentine's Day on the George Lucas Educational Foundation site, Edutopia, and celebrated an emphasis on compassion and caring this Valentine’s Day.



Irish Inspiration

26 April 2016

Allison read How to Calm and Reshape an Anxious Mind in the Irish Times and signed up for a course on wholeheartedness and gratefulness with one of her favorite poets, David Whyte. It’s good to get wisdom from across the pond.



Discover Your Calling

23 August 2016

Barbara read The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion by Elle Luna and learned you don’t have to give up your day job to follow your calling.



Super-Achiever Habits Might Surprise You

1 November 2016

Allison read The Most Common Practices Of Super-Achievers on Forbes and was pleasantly surprised by what made the list.



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