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Gratitude is Great

20 November 2012

Allison read gratitude posts on Facebook and enjoyed celebrating happy moments with her friends near and far.



Gratitude for Room to Grow

1 January 2013

Allison read Rachel’s A Year in Review blog post about the stack of books in her ‘must review now’ pile and reflected on how helpful it is when important people in our lives give us a little space to work on a challenging goal (or maybe even a resolution).



Kindness Girl Delights and Inspires

23 April 2013

Allison heard Patience Salgado (aka Kindness Girl) speak at a conference this morning and found herself nodding her head, laughing out loud, and excited to dive into Patience’s blog.



Resolve to Be Happier

7 January 2014

Allison read 7 Small Resolutions for a Big Happiness Boost in 2014 by Dr. Emma M. Seppälä on the Psychology Today blog and was glad to see some of the best happiness research compiled in one short post.



Simple Pleasures and Gratitude

11 March 2014

Allison watched Rachel teach Happiness Matters at Charlottesville SHRM this afternoon and appreciated the reminder that often happiness is about the little things that make a big difference.



Who Encourages You?

21 October 2014

Allison watched the #kidpresident pep talk her friend Brooke Jenkins sent her and remembered the importance of gratitude and encouragement in the happiness matters equation.



What William Knows

25 November 2014

Allison walked into the waiting arms of her seven-year old nephew, William, and remembered that kids know the most important stuff. (I asked him to make a list for you.)



Read This the Next Time You’re Having a Bad Day

17 November 2015

Allison read How to Turn a Bad Day Around by Amy Gallo on HBR.org and nodded her head as Gallo explained some important happiness best practices by Shawn Achor and other experts.



Stop Apologizing When Thank You is a Better Choice

2 February 2016

Allison read Cartoons Show How ‘Thank You’ Can Be an Empowering Substitute for ‘Sorry’ and appreciated how a small change in word choice can make both people feel better.



Learning When and How to Say Thank You

8 March 2016

Allison read Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations by James Clear and reflected on how our relationships would change if we were able to receive compliments and have more empathetic responses.



Irish Inspiration

26 April 2016

Allison read How to Calm and Reshape an Anxious Mind in the Irish Times and signed up for a course on wholeheartedness and gratefulness with one of her favorite poets, David Whyte. It’s good to get wisdom from across the pond.



Choosing Gratitude

26 November 2019

Janie listened to Episode 7: How Gratitude Can Change Your Life, of the Big Life Kids podcast with her sons, Charlie and William, and enjoyed learning together about how gratitude can help you feel happier and more appreciative of what you have.



Taking Time for Gratitude

23 November 2021

Janie read Gratitude at Work: Giving Thanks Will Make You a Better Leader on the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) website and reflected on the many ways that consciously expressing gratitude is so important, not just for her own wellbeing, but also for that of others.  



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