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Hidden Figures

6 February 2017

George Linney IV watched Hidden Figures for the second time and was grateful to learn an untold story about an important time in our country’s history.

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My name is George Linney, IV. I’m from Durham, NC, and am 13 years old. This is my second blog post for the Allison Partners team. My first post was about a book that helps kids to sleep.

Yesterday, I saw Hidden Figures with my Aunt Allison Linney and Grammy Barbara Linney who both work at Allison Partners. I have seen the movie twice now, and the film is spectacular. If you haven’t already seen Hidden Figures, I would really recommend it. The movie takes place in 1961, Hampton, Virginia. Three African American women who are indescribably intelligent work at Langley NASA. These amazing women work to put a man in space, and go through an incredible journey while doing it.

The first thing I didn’t know that the movie explained is that African American women were permitted to have jobs at NASA, and I thought that was a great thing. Then, I saw how those fantastic women were treated during work, and then I thought; “Wow, that’s not so great.” The African American women worked in rundown buildings, in small rooms, and had little respect from fellow White American workers. I already knew that was the way it was back then, although I was still shocked that some talented, smart people who worked at NASA weren’t treated as equals.

photo credit: 20th Century Fox

The three women and all the other women they worked with in their rundown buildings weren’t paid enough, even though they did just as much work as anyone else. If people were given jobs at a place like NASA, wouldn’t their employers know that they were capable of great things? I then understood that was just the way things were, but still I wasn’t okay with it.

The most heartwarming thing about the movie was how the three women overcame the hardships of their work. The women used their intelligence to prove to everyone they worked with that sending a man into space wasn’t going to be possible without them. The three women earned well-deserved respect from their colleagues and raised awareness of what kinds of things some people go through. Hidden Figures was an incredible movie that truly moved me. I may even consider a third watch.   


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Feb 09, 2017

George, what a thoughtful young man you have become. I am glad you had an opportunity to see this movie. I am glad you were not ok with how very talented and amazing people were treated simply because of the color of their skin. It is important to know our history as a country so that we can, with strategic intent, decide on what we will repeat. And what we won’t. Thanks for the excellent post.

Enid Krieger
Feb 14, 2017

This piece is very impressive, George.  Thanks so much for your sensitivity and insight.

Feb 15, 2017

This is such a thoughtful reflection on the experience.  This blog post is the start of a lovely college application essay. With your thoughtful approach to the world, I am confident about your ability to fight injustice and support excellence.

David Ellis
Feb 16, 2017

I am so glad I took the time to read your blog post. Your understanding of the significance of the movie is truly amazing.  I enjoyed meeting you last year with your Aunt and Dad in Durham and look forward to seeing you again.
David Ellis

George Linney
Feb 16, 2017

Thank you all for commenting on my recent blog post. The movie was very interesting to see and the blog post was very interesting to write. I am happy that you all have taken the time to read my post. I thought that it was very important to understand the movie, and I enjoyed putting my thoughts on paper. Thanks again!
George Linney IV

Mar 02, 2017

This is a well written blog post!  I just recently had the opportunity to sit down with your aunt and really get to know her!  I haven’t seen the movie, yet, myself.  I, did read the book and had the entire 3rd-8th graders read the book at the school where I teach.  The students then had the opportunity to see the movie earlier this month.  Many students had similar reactions. 

Keep up the great work that you are doing! 


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