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Our Partners

We are proud to collaborate with a number of subcontractors who bring expertise, experience, and additional capacity to our team. Read more about some of our most trusted partners below.

Natalie Brown is an experienced instructor and program manager and is the President and Founder of the Natalie Brown Consulting Group. With more than 20 years experience advising leaders in federal agencies in the areas of change management and training, Natalie has executed program management activities for 500-2,500 person organizations and departments and shares her rich experience when delivering exceptional training programs. Learn more about Natalie by visiting www.nbcgroup-dc.com.

Greg Brozenske is an illustrator and animator who brings concepts to life through visualization. Despite a 10-year detour working as an advertising media planner in New York and Boston, Greg’s illustration background began as a child in his bedroom stapling together pieces of typing paper folded in half to create Mighty Mouse comic books. He now supports clients with custom illustrations for training, marketing, or communication purposes. Learn more about Greg by visiting www.un-reality.com.

Barbara Linney is the former Vice President of Career Development for the American College of Physician Executives. She is known for her work in career counseling, management development, and communications training. Her background includes one-on-one counseling, seminar presentations, published articles, and college-level teaching. She is author of the books, A Career Guide for Physician Executives, 2nd Edition of Hope for the Future, and co-author of the book Physician Executives: What, Why and How, 2nd Edition. Learn more about Barbara by visiting www.turnyourface.com.

Debra Robinson is the Principal of Robinson Associates, an independent consulting practice specializing in training, leadership development, executive coaching, organizational development and facilitation. Her clients include the Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General; The Community Foundation Executive Board of Directors; and the University of Sacramento, International MBA program. She is an energetic, engaging speaker and trainer, earning high marks for her straightforward, humorous, and compassionate presence. Debra works with staff at all organizational levels to create personal leadership that focuses on the power of voice, attitudes and accountability and she is adept at creating unique career and leadership development programs designed to meet the needs of each organization and the challenges confronting them.