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What William Knows 2018, Christmas Edition

25 December 2018

Allison asked her 11-year old nephew, William, what he learned in 2018 that could be helpful to others. This tradition started when he was seven, and it’s one they both enjoy.

Tags: allison read, what william knows

My 11-year old nephew, William, just knows stuff. He’s wise, kind, and brave, so from time to time I ask him to blog for us. This Christmas, it’s my pleasure to bring you more of What William Knows.

  • Have a pet. They provide you with comfort when nothing else will.
  • Don’t stress about the little things because they usually won’t turn out as bad as you think they will.
  • If you get a concussion or something else bad happens in your life, give yourself time to heal but then get back in the game. I would have never thought I could be a catcher after I got hit in the head with a baseball, but after a while I stopped flinching and wasn’t as scared. So give yourself time, but then take a chance again.
  • If you’re getting bullied, don’t just ignore it. You should ask the person, “Why are you saying that?” When they say, “Just because,” you need to tell them exactly what’s hurting your feelings and ask them to stop. I had to do this at the beginning of the school year. It was really hard, but it got better after I gave some kids the feedback.
  • If you’re playing a sport and you don’t think someone is as good as you are, don’t be mean to them. Instead, help them to get better. Being kind feels good, and it helps the person and your whole team improve.
  • It’s good to do fun things like play video games, eat candy, and watch TV, but it’s important to set limits. (Santa told me that about my video game, Fortnite, in his letter to us this morning, so I’m passing on the good news to you.)

William is wearing our family Christmas pajamas and his new catcher's mask.


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