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The following is a sampling of Allison Partners courses. Allison Partners also develops custom courses to address clients’ specific training objectives and learning needs.

The Art of Being a Great Boss
At the foundation of great leadership is effective management-the ability to help employees reach their potential and contribute to your mission. This course examines effective practices for managing and supervising employees, including tools for setting expectations, managing conflict, inviting participation, providing feedback and making decisions.
“Directly relevant to my work. Great training and great timing. The speaker was wonderful. Good coverage of topic.”
Human resource manager

Coaching for Performance
As a management practice, coaching supports individual performance improvement and ultimately allows for successful organizational growth. This course prepares managers and supervisors to effectively use coaching techniques to better support colleagues in the workplace.
“The instructor was so knowledgeable and flexible. Nice combination of lecture and group activity to apply what was presented.”
Private sector manager

Choosing Balance and Leadership
In life and in leadership, it’s the choices one makes about what to do-and what not to do-that define the path. Participants in the course will explore the perceived dichotomy between balance and leadership and discover how choices that contribute to balance can lead to more effective leadership.
“Superb course! The discussions were enlightening, and the information and tools will be invaluable to me. I think the course would help anyone become a much more effective leader.”
Federal executive

Effective Communication Skills
Becoming an excellent communicator is perhaps the most important thing a person can do to contribute to individual and organizational success. Participants in this course will learn how to be active listeners, set expectations with others, deliver and receive feedback effectively and navigate difficult conversations when needed.
“She gave us specific ideas for better listening and delivering good feedback. As a boss, I'm a better team player with my employees because I'm (still) learning to be a better communicator.”
Small business owner

Happiness Matters
It's a chicken-and-egg conundrum. Do happy people accomplish great things? Or does accomplishing great things make people happy? More and more, researchers believe that attitude comes first. This course, based on recent research in neuroscience, leadership and performance, introduces the relationship between personal happiness and work performance and explores some proven practices that foster happiness.
“Great seminar  everything I hoped it would be.”
Nonprofit executive director

An Introduction to Design Thinking
Sometimes when we're facing particularly ambiguous or messy challenges, the linear and analytic tools that we typically use to solve problems leave us stuck. This course introduces the human-centered tools of design thinking to incorporate more empathy, iteration, and invention in a collaborative approach to problem-solving.
He is much more focused on understanding the real issue of a problem and asking the right question to get the right solution in place.
Supervisor of a course participant

The Power of Ideas
A leader’s success is dependent upon many things, among them the quality and diversity of ideas that inform decisions and transform organizations. This course explores the topics of creativity, innovation and effective problem-solving.
“This is by far the best course I’ve taken since arriving last year. I learned a lot and have a lot of tools to help me in my work.”
Federal employee

Transforming Conflict, Restoring Productivity
Experts say some conflict is healthy, but when not managed well, conflict can lead to stress, frustration and decreased productivity. This course equips participants with skills to effectively navigate conflict and transform it into productivity.
“Provided great insight in how to navigate difficult conversations. A very dynamic facilitator.”
Federal executive

If you’d like to discuss a custom course, please contact us.