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A New Way to Get Ready for Your Vacation

3 June 2014

Allison is on vacation in London and the Lake District with her mother. Here are the things she read before she left to make sure she didn’t sabotage her own vacation.



In Support of an Email-Free Vacation

15 September 2015

Allison read Vacation Sabotage: Don't Let it Happen to You! by Matt Richtel and celebrated another email-free vacation. She’s on a mission to help more people take a break from email. Could you be the next one?



Vacation Well: Prepare to Disconnect and Write Your Email Automatic Reply

4 June 2019

Allison talked with her clients about how to disconnect and then gathered a variety of sample automatic reply messages to help people get ready for less email or maybe even no email on their summer vacations.



Vacation Well: Start with the Three-Day Weekend

27 August 2019

Allison remembered one of the best lessons from her favorite article about how to have a restful and enjoyable vacation. Who will join her in a three-day, email-free challenge this Labor Day weekend?



Are You Bored? It Might Be a Good Thing.

16 August 2022

Barbara read How to be Creative by Matt Richtel and was reminded that tolerance for boredom allows new ideas to occur. She’s learning to endure some boredom while also creating enough structure and connection in her life to feel satisfied.



Channel the Three-Day Weekend

29 August 2023

Allison appreciated one of her employee’s efforts to practice disconnecting while on vacation and was reminded that a national holiday is a great opportunity to start small when it comes to taking a break from email.



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