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30 July 2011

Allison enjoyed her annual Barrett Boyz summer weekend and remembered a good lesson from Gordon Lawrence’s People Types & Tiger Stripes.



Play Your Way to a New Skill

21 August 2012

Allison read 129 pages of directions and assembled her 735-piece Marvel Super Heroes Quinjet Aerial Battle LEGO® set. She had fun and was proud of her whole Type development.



This Stuff Just Might Work

28 August 2012

Allison read the directions for how to assemble three pieces of furniture for her house in record time and proved to herself that what she wrote about in last Tuesday’s blog post really does work.



LEGO® Lessons, Continued

17 June 2014

Allison watched The LEGO® Movie for the third time and reflected on the things she's learned from her work with Professor LEGO over the years as well as the many lessons in this “AWESOME!!!” movie.



What William Knows Part II

24 November 2015

Allison asked her eight-year old nephew, William, for more life advice. (They started this tradition last Thanksgiving, and they’ve decided to do it every year for as long as William feels he still has something to say.)



Ten Minutes to a Happier Kid (and Parent)

21 July 2020

Barbara read How a 10-Minute ‘Reset’ May Make a Huge Difference for Kids at Home by Audrey Breen and remembered a counselor who advised this same practice many years ago when she had young children.



Happy by Design

12 September 2023

Rachel admired her new-ish tattoo and her vase of LEGO flowers and considered some of the ways she’s found to make the bright spots in her days a little more durable.



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