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Honesty Changes Everything

26 February 2019

Barbara read Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility by Patty McCord and considered the amount of honesty that is needed to support transformational change.



You’ll Learn

26 March 2019

Barbara watched Rita Dove at the 2019 Quadruplicity Conference in Charlottesville and walked away feeling inspired and more courageous.



Staying Calm in Heated Conversations

23 April 2019

Barbara read HBR's 3 Ways to Stay Calm When Conversations Get Intense by Amy Jen Su and was glad to get reinforcement for two of the four recommendations she provides when she teaches Resolving Conflict.



Use Fewer Words to Get Better Results

28 May 2019

Barbara listened to the Harvard Business Review’s Women at Work podcast, Sorry Not Sorry, by Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Nicole Torres and found four useful suggestions that would benefit everyone.



Men Can Do A Lot to Help Women Advance

18 June 2019

Barbara read Men as Allies: Engaging Men to Advance Women in the Workplace and 7 Tips for Men Who Want to Support Equality and appreciated the practical advice.



What Does it Take to Make Yourself Change?

16 July 2019

Barbara watched Mel Robbins' TEDx San FranciscoTalk on How to stop screwing yourself over and learned why it's so hard to change.



Your Body Needs You to Take Breaks from Your Phone Each Day

13 August 2019

Barbara read Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live Longer by Catherine Price and learned it’s not just texting while driving that is dangerous.



Must Love Numbers

17 September 2019

Barbara watched The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get, a TEDxBeaconStreet Talk by Susan Colantuono’s, and found information that hadn’t been emphasized in her other research on the topic of how women can advance—one reason women may not move from middle management to the higher levels is that no one is telling them they must understand the finances of their organizations. 



Emotions Are Contagious

12 November 2019

Barbara read Make Yourself Immune to Secondhand Stress by Shawn Achor and Michelle Geilan that confirmed via scientific research something she had always suspected: stress is contagious.



More Energy for Introverts During the Holidays

24 December 2019

Barbara read The Holidays Are Absolutely Exhausting for Introverts. Here’s How to Change That. by Emma Scheib and as an introvert, was reminded of ways to cope.  (Extraverts might find a few of these tips to be helpful, too!)



Be Kind to Yourself

4 February 2020

Barbara read The New York Times Smarter Living article, 8 Ways to be Kinder to Yourself in 2020, by Tim Herrera and found some helpful hints.



Ways to Calm Your Fears

17 March 2020

Barbara watched Martha Beck’s weekly Facebook Live Event, The Gathering Room: Fearless, and had reinforced what she knows to be true—focused breathing helps when scary things are happening.



Poetry in Quarantine

28 April 2020

Craving courage during the COVID-19 quarantine, Barbara watched a live online series called The Courage in Poetry by David Whyte on three consecutive Sundays in April 2020.



Manage Your Mind in New Ways

26 May 2020

Barbara read Inner Critic Hacks: 8 Easy Tricks to Quiet Negative Self-Talk in Seconds and tried a few things to help herself manage her mind a little more effectively.



Ten Minutes to a Happier Kid (and Parent)

21 July 2020

Barbara read How a 10-Minute ‘Reset’ May Make a Huge Difference for Kids at Home by Audrey Breen and remembered a counselor who advised this same practice many years ago when she had young children.



I Learned to Manage Anxiety and So Can You!

18 August 2020

Barbara was interviewed for a Life Free of Anxiety podcast episode and was happy to share the story of how she learned to manage her own anxiety over 35 years ago.



Would You Like to Meet My Literary Crush?

29 September 2020

Barbara watched David Whyte’s Three Sundays online series, Half a Shade Braver, and was comforted and encouraged to keep on tolerating the unknown without going bonkers.



Zoom Manners

10 November 2020

Barbara read Workplace Savvy: New Zoom etiquette for meetings by Eva Del Rio and agreed that the author’s tips make for a better experience for everyone involved.



Managing Your Expectations

5 January 2021

Barbara read How to Manage Your New-Year Expectations by Courtney Rubin and was grateful for some practical advice on how to navigate her emotions while continuing to adhere to pandemic restrictions.



What Happened to You?

20 July 2021

Barbara read What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing by Oprah Winfrey and Bruce D. Perry, MD, PHD. It turns out thinking about trauma differently can help you feel better while you're healing.



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