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What We're Reading Now

Why Bad Habits Happen to Good People

10 April 2018

Eden read The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg and thought about how understanding the habit loop could help her break some bad habits.



Reflections on Time

3 April 2018

Geof read A Geography of Time: The Temporal Misadventures of a Social Psychologist by Robert Levine, and was interested to read Levine's research on the pace of life in different cultures. 



Reducing My Smartphone Dependence

27 March 2018

Janie read 6 Ways to Counteract Your Smartphone Addiction, by Larry Rosen, and was pleased to read some new strategies for reducing dependence on her phone.



Is Hardball for Women Still Useful?

20 March 2018

Barbara read Hardball for Women: Winning at the Game of Business: Third Edition by Pat Heim and Tammy Hughes and considered some actions women can take to get their work goals accomplished. (Men could do more to help address gender inequities by reading this book, too.)



Help for Heated Topics

13 March 2018

Eden listened to Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart, on the On Being Podcast, and thought about the ways we approach (or don’t approach) controversial topics.



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