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What We're Reading Now

Change is Hard

26 September 2017

Barbara read 6 Steps for Successfully Bringing Change to your Company and learned if you attempt to change a process quickly without providing enough of the right kind of information, people may dig in their heels and sabotage it.



Stop Rushing and Feel Better

19 September 2017

Allison read The Power of the Pause by Dorrie K. Fontaine, University of Virginia Dean of the School of Nursing, and was grateful for the reminder to slow down and be present.



Tips for Better Productivity

12 September 2017

Janie read Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, and was pleased to find that she learned some valuable tips for better project management.



Benefits of the Bright Side

5 September 2017

Eden watched Tali Sharot’s Ted Talk, The Optimism Bias, and learned that she has a tendency to look on the bright side.



Take a Break from Empathy

29 August 2017

Barbara watched Martha Beck’s video, How to Not Hurt When Someone You Love is Hurting, and was reminded that being too empathic can be unhelpful.



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