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Taking Time for Gratitude

23 November 2021

Janie read Gratitude at Work: Giving Thanks Will Make You a Better Leader on the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) website and reflected on the many ways that consciously expressing gratitude is so important, not just for her own wellbeing, but also for that of others.  



Manage Your Anxiety and Win a World Series

9 November 2021

Allison savored a World Series win that her family has been waiting 26 years to enjoy. It was especially gratifying to learn that a life coach helped one of her favorite Atlanta Braves pitchers, Tyler Matzek, overcome severe anxiety.



Shift Your Focus to Calm Your Nerves

26 October 2021

Janie listened to Patricia Stark and Pete Mockaitis discuss how to stay calm and confident when speaking and appreciated Stark’s suggestions for ways to shift your focus to help alleviate nerves.   



It’s Hard to Tell the Truth

12 October 2021

Barbara read The Way of Integrity: Finding the Path to Your True Self by Martha Beck and learned just how hard it is to tell truth and nothing but the truth



How to Say Sorry

28 September 2021

Allison appreciated a reminder on how to deliver a sincere apology.



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