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Meditation Lessons from My Niece and Girls on the Run of the Triangle

15 March 2016

Allison asked her 10-year old niece, Kathryn, to write a blog post about the meditation she learned from Girls on the Run of the Triangle. Kathryn says this meditation helps her fall sleep, be calm, and feel good so you might want to give it a try if you have stress in your life.



Where is Your Happy Place?

30 July 2019

Allison listened to one of her favorite guided imagery experiences and remembered that it’s nice to have a little audio support when things get stressful.



Manage Your Relationship with Your Phone

25 January 2022

Allison asked her 16-year-old niece, Kathryn Linney, to write a blog post about how she reconnected with her phone after being phone-free at The Outdoor Academy last semester.



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