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Leadership Wisdom from the Baseball Diamond

8 November 2011

Allison read Built to Win: Inside Stories and Leadership Strategies from Baseball's Winningest GM and was happy to learn that the former General Manager of the Atlanta Braves, John Schuerholz, believes one of the secrets to his success was establishing clear, mutually understood expectations with every member of the organization. (It’s nice when one of your heroes affirms a closely held belief.)



Learning to Let Go (and Tweet)

18 September 2012

Allison read Chris Jones' article, All atwitter, from the 17 September issue of ESPN The Magazine and enjoyed a funny story about Atlanta Braves' third basemen, Chipper Jones, and his foray into the Twittersphere. This short read is jam packed with lessons about love of the game, letting go and even how to use Twitter.



Baseball is Back and Anything is Possible

2 April 2013

Allison celebrated the return of Major League Baseball yesterday and enjoyed reading many Facebook posts, Tweets and articles about Opening Day. (It’s clear that fans everywhere feel optimistic and believe absolutely anything is possible.)



How the San Francisco Giants Slept Their Way to Another World Series Championship

4 November 2014

Allison read many articles about Dr. William (Chris) Winter’s advice for the San Francisco Giants and celebrated another victory for good sleep hygiene.



Chipper Jones Reminds Us to Slow Down and Make Great Choices

13 June 2017

Allison read Letter to My Younger Self by retired Atlanta Braves third baseman, Chipper Jones, and appreciated his candid reflections about the things he wished he’d known when he was 18. There’s a lesson in this one for all of us.



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