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Life Lessons from Pixar

2 July 2019

Allison watched Reasons We Love Pixar by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and reflected on what makes animated movies so delightful and inspirational.

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At Allison Partners, we think kids can teach us a lot. Some of our best blog posts have been written by my brother’s children, George IV, Kathryn, and William. We also believe that a lot of things that are supposed to be for kids are pretty great for grown-ups, too. Over the years, we’ve written about children’s books and LEGO® Lessons. This year, Rachel’s doing a lovely series of posts about picture books.

On Sunday, I went to my eight-year old friend’s Toy Story 4 birthday party. You might wonder if Pixar could do something wonderful a fourth time. I can report that every kid and adult in our group laughed out loud, got choked up, loved the story line and new characters, and appreciated the lessons and closure. If you’re looking for a more detailed review, check out what these moviegoers had to say. (It turns out The New York Times thinks kids can teach us a lot, too, and they’ve curated a sampling of reviews from people ages 10 to 14.)

Before the movie started, we enjoyed Reasons We Love Pixar by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

It’s a seven-minute montage of tearjerker moments, loveable supporting characters, the music, iconic scenes and my favorite, the life lessons:

  • “Finding Your Own Path—Brave®
  • Finding Strength from Family—The Incredibles®
  • Valuing Friendship—Monsters, Inc®
  • Not Being Afraid to Try—Ratatouille®
  • Being There for Each Other—Toy Story 3®
  • Staying Determined When Things Are Tough—Finding Nemo®

No wonder, I love Pixar movies! These are many of the ways I aspire to live my own life. I don’t always live up to my hopes for myself, and I think animation somehow helps me renew my commitment to how I want to be in the world. Plus, these movies are just a whole lot of fun.


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Aug 01, 2019

Finding Nemo was such a staple in our house, especially for my middle kid. The message truly spoke to him - paternal love, grit, ingenuity, determination, and friends who will follow you to the depths of the ocean and back without question. It is still one of my favorite Pixar flicks today.


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